Opera Chorus

Photo courtesy of Brooks Photography. From the February 2013 production of DON GIOVANNI.

The Toledo Opera Chorus is an enthusiastic mix of professional and avocational singers, some of whom have performed in Toledo Opera productions for more than 20 years. School principals, teachers, lawyers, accountants, bankers, doctors, dentists and scientists join with talented university students to form the best choral ensemble in the Toledo area. Many of the younger choristers are pursuing solo careers. Gifted high school students are occasionally accepted, many of whom are inspired to explore careers in the performing arts.

The chorus meets on Sunday evenings throughout the season for music rehearsals. Staging rehearsals are also scheduled on some weekday evenings during the second and third weeks just prior to the opening night of a new production. The final week often involves activity on every evening for costume fittings, tech rehearsals onstage at the Valentine Theatre and dress rehearsals.

Auditions for prospective new members are held each year in the fall and spring. The size of the chorus varies according to the needs of each production, ranging from a chamber group of 16 to massed choruses of 60 or more. The annual Opera Gala typically involves a chorus of 100.

The Toledo Opera Chorus is a highly valued and heralded part of Toledo Opera. Many members have been assigned acting parts in addition to their choral participation, and some have been invited to sing solo roles along with the internationally-renowned stars featured in Toledo Opera productions.

If you would like to schedule an audition for the chorus, please contact us at 419-255-7464.


One of our choristers before a rehearsal for our October 2012 production of LA BOHEME.

Toledo Opera Children's Chorus

We do not currently have open roles for our children's chorus, but we will post on this space when we have a need for a children's chorus.


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