Opera Guild

The Toledo Opera Guild is a non-profit organization founded in 1962 whose mission is to promote opera in the Toledo community and region. Membership is comprised of men and women who volunteer their time and talents in many ways. Membership is open to anyone with an interest in opera and an interest in promoting this exciting art form in Toledo.


Guild activities include:

  • Developing and running fundraising events that support opera in Toledo. Annual events are Sapphire Blues, Opera Wait Night, Opera Bakeless Bake Sale, and the Annual Guild Fashion Show.
  • Hosting guest artists and facilitating their travel to and from Toledo.
  • Assisting with young people's programs such as Student Night at the Opera and Opera On Wheels.
  • Volunteering in Toledo Opera's office by assisting with mailings and other clerical tasks.

Whatever your talents, there's a place for you in the Toledo Opera Guild. Volunteer activities are fun and often educational. Join a committee or offer an hour or two to support a group working on a fundraiser. No time to volunteer? Membership dues are an important expression of support.

For additional information, visit http://www.toledooperaguild.org/.

Toledo Opera Guild 2016-2017 Officers

Officer Office
Shelli Jacobs President
Sandra Honeman Vice President
June R. Galvin 2nd Vice President
Linda McBee 2nd Vice President
Diane Rusk 3rd Vice President
Cookie Westmeyer 3rd Vice President
Rebecca Conklin Kleiboember Recording Secretary
Becky Gannon Corresponding Secretary
Theresa Andrews Treasurer
Mary Beaber Assistant Treasurer
Cindy Niggemyer Past President
Barbara Baker Member-at-Large
Barbara Bettinger Member-at-Large
Barbara Brown Member-at-Large
Shirley Joseph Member-at-Large
Traci Schwann Member-at-Large
Jane Wurth Member-at-Large
Opera on Wheels
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