We are committed to artistic excellence.

-We have a duty to our audiences and our art form to present the highest caliber productions we can, to engage up-and-coming artists who need a place to learn and grow, and to help support established regional artists who contribute to the larger cultural life of our community outside of the theater.

-We believe it is important to remain attentive to our audience and environment, continually assessing trends which influence what we present and how we present it.

We are committed to organizational fitness.

-We are committed to maintaining an active and engaged board of directors whose members: guide the organization’s overall progress, promote the organization, raise funds for the organization’s maintenance and growth, and utilize internal best-practices to ensure that the board is as effective as possible and maintains its vitality through changes of membership and leadership.

-We are committed to the continued financial health of our organization, utilizing all relevant budgeting, accounting, and governance best-practices at every level.

-We will maintain and support an able and effective staff to create and support our programs.

-We believe in the value of organizational transparency and ethical behavior, both internally and in our dealings with our donors, audiences, volunteers, guest artists, and partner organizations.

-We believe in the importance of diversity in our organization’s make-up and thinking to maximize our impact on our community.

We are committed to being an ever-increasing asset to our community.

-We believe in the importance of giving young people opportunities to experience and engage with opera so that they can enjoy it throughout their lives.

-We will make our company a valuable part of the education of the next generation of performers.

-We believe in the value of collaborating with other organizations in our community to create unique productions, educational efforts, and special events.

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