Opera FYI

Frequently Asked Questions by First-Time Opera Goers 

Why should I go to the opera?

Opera is the ultimate multimedia experience, embodying the best of all the performing arts. Spectacular sets, beautiful costumes, glorious music, incredible stories–opera has it all and it’s live!

Is the opera a good idea for a date?
Absolutely! While many operas deal with heavy subject matter (adultery, murder, treachery, and many other not-so-great human behaviors), the opera is the perfect place to take your significant other for an enjoyable evening of culture.

But I only speak English! There’s no way I’ll know what’s going on!

All of our opera performances have simultaneous English translations projected above the stage. This play-by-play description will keep you in the know.

Our program guides have a short outline of the plot. If you want to avoid giving away the ending, you can skip the last paragraph.

We have Pre-Opera Chats in the lobby one hour prior to curtain. These fun and informative talks provide interesting, inside information, that will make you feel like an expert.

Will a ticket purchase require a second mortgage?
Our prices are much more reasonable than you probably realize. Of course, if you want to spend a fortune, we can accommodate you with the best seats in the house!

What should I wear?
There isn’t a dress code at the opera. Lots of people love to get dressed up for an evening at the opera, but that doesn’t mean you have to. When you come to the opera, you’re likely to see people in everything from jeans to tuxedos. 

Sorry I’m late. Can I still get in?
You can, but not until an appropriate musical break or scene change. It would be rude to the performers and other audience members if we let people into the theater once the performance begins.

Will I know when to clap?
Whenever the spirit moves you: after a moving aria, a triumphant moment, or any other time you think would be appropriate. Performers love applause!

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